From Farm to Table

From Farm to Table | GI 365 I’ve always had an interest in where my food comes from, and I think it comes from having a garden my whole life! Everywhere we lived when I was a kid, my parents put in a garden even if it was just a small patch. Once you’ve had fresh garden produce, it’s hard to go back – nothing tastes as good as a vine ripe tomato still warm from the sun!

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Healthy Huckleberry Frosty

Healthy Huckleberry Frosty | GI 365

Every time the temperature shoots through the roof, I find myself making a frosty! Last summer I was all about this Strawberry Watermelon creation, but this year I can’t get enough blueberries, (and now local huckleberries). This version is easier to make for year round enjoyment because it’s made with frozen berries, (whereas watermelon in January just isn’t quite right)!

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Ptarmigan Tunnel

Ptarmigan Tunnel in Glacier National Park | GI 365

Ptamigan Tunnel has a lot going on for just one hike – you have lakes, mountain views, a glacier, and a 250′ tunnel! This hike is located in the Many Glacier region of Glacier National Park, and it’s one of the most popular hikes. It shares the same trailhead as Iceberg Lake for about 2.5 miles before branching off, and can be combined with Iceberg for a roundtrip of 15 miles, (it’s only 10.7 miles on it’s own).

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Cherry Cheesecake Cookie Tart

Cherry Cheesecake Cookie Tart | GI 365

This is what happens when our local Flathead cherries come into season! I’ve been getting 4 pounds of local cherries every week at Farmer’s Market for the last 3 weeks in a row! It’s not really that many cherries when you split them between 2 people, but I ate 2 pounds by myself yesterday so it it sure looks like someone else is getting the short end of this deal!

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2 Ingredient Balsamic Vinaigrette

2 Ingredient Balsamic Vinaigrette | GI 365 It never occurred to me to share this recipe with you before, I suppose it’s because 2 ingredients hardly seems like a recipe! However, I find myself making this almost every week, and it’s just too good not to share. I’ve had so many people tell me they don’t have time to make their own salad dressing, but you can make this in 2 minutes or less, and it tastes fabulous! After all, it’s not every night you have time for a full-blown Homemade Ranch or Caesar dressing!

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The Best Vanilla Ice Cream

The Best Vanilla Ice Cream | GI 365

My favorite ice cream is vanilla, people tell me this is a boring choice – but, I mean… it goes with everything! It’s not that I don’t love cookies ‘n’ cream, salted caramel, raspberry sherbet – you name it – I’m eating it (ice cream love runs in our family genes)! But vanilla really has my heart with it’s simple perfection, it simply never gets old. That being said, there’s plenty of vanilla ice cream out there I’d rather not eat, you know the kind with the weird fake vanilla flavor? This ice cream is another story all together, it’s made with a whole vanilla bean, and it’s the best vanilla I’ve ever had!

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Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park

Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park | GI 365

It never surprises me to hear Iceberg Lake is someone’s favorite hike because it is one of the most stunning hikes in Glacier National Park! The glacial colored lake sits in an enormous mountain cirque – it’s so big you almost can’t capture it. The above shot was taken from a little way above the lake, just so I could get most of it in, (it’s also a great place to stop for lunch).

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Banh Mi Salad Bowls with Sriracha Lime Aioli

Banh Mi Salad Bowls with Sriracha Lime Aioli | GI 365

Next to pizza, Banh Mi are my ultimate weakness (I’ve been know to eat 2-3 of these Vietnamese subs in a single day)! Specifically Sate Chicken Banh Mi, and my order is always the same – I’m all for branching out, but you just don’t mess with perfection! There is a single sandwich of course that is the source of constant day dreams (if you’re in downtown Chinatown, Calgary check out Thi Thi Vietnamese Subs for the sandwich of your life)! Since I’m living over 5 hours away from said sandwich, it was time for an at home version.

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Peanut Butter Cookie Energy Bars

Peanut Butter Cookie Energy Bars | GI 365

Once in a while we find a favorite that we’re both absolutely crazy about! It started with some store bought Peanut Butter Cookie bars for our backpacks. I always like to keep healthy packaged food along for emergency rations when we’re in the mountains. Anyways… it wasn’t really an emergency but I was super hungry so I cracked into one, and it really does takes like a peanut butter cookie (and sweet/salty flavors are really addicting when you’re hiking).

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Creamy Basil Chicken Caesar Salad

Creamy Basil Chicken Caesar Salad | GI 365

We’re breaking all the rules today… you see, I really don’t like my Caesar Salad messed with – I’m hooked on the classic! But, every once in a while we mix it up to walk on the “wild side” – don’t think you’ll catch me adding weird things to my Caesar too often though!

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Norris Geyser Basin Loop

Norris Geyser Basin | GI 365

We almost didn’t end up hiking Norris Geyser Basin because we were already exhausted from a day of sight seeing! But so I’m glad we did because this loop is different from everything else we did that day! There is such a variety of geysers and pools to see, and it was way less crowded than the more popular attractions like Old Faithful!

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Mexican Turkey Burgers with Fresh Corn Salsa

Mexican Turkey Burgers with Fresh Corn Salsa | GI 365

These burgers are for all those people who think turkey/chicken burgers aren’t burgers, (that used to be me)! They’re packed with flavor, juicy, and stuffed with avocado. If that’s not enough, there’s melted cheese, topped with fresh corn salsa heady with farmer’s market cilantro, and placed on top of a grilled portabello!

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Sunflower Seed Scrub

Sunflower Seed Scrub | GI 365 This Sunflower Seed Scrub is one of the only scrubs I can use on my face without causing irritation! It’s not my original idea by any means, in fact I’ve seen it in every DIY product book I’ve ever picked up! It’s super simple, and can be made in minutes with a food processor or blender. My favorite thing about this scrub is the moisturizing properties of sunflower seeds. They contain Vitamin E oil, and it always leaves my skin soft and glowing.

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Cinnamon Glazed Grilled Pineapple

Cinnamon Glazed Grilled Pineapple | GI 365

I can’t be trusted around grilled pineapple, you look away for a moment, and I’ve devoured everything in sight! This is no exaggeration, you can check with my husband, he thinks I’m a little crazy in this department! We used to go to a Brazilian BBQ restaurant in Calgary, and I would raise eyebrows by eating 2 platefuls of this deliciousness!

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Porcelain Geyser Basin

Porcelain Geyser Basin | GI 365

The Porcelain Geyser Basin shares the same trailhead as the Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park. We didn’t even know about it when we visited, and happened upon it by chance! We did the entire Norris trail loop, and saw a trail branching off with a sign reading Porcelain Geyser Loop, so we decided to go for it as well. We were sure glad we did because the scenery and colors on this particular trail were really stunning, (plus how can you resist when you’re already standing at the trailhead)!

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